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Located in Port Penn, Delaware, Capital Matters, LLC is a Commercial Real Estate Investment Company. The primary business model is acquiring and managing a portfolio of multi-family housing units that attracts a specific market segment of middle-income earners in emerging markets throughout the United States. By leveraging industry expertise and performing efficient property acquisition, the Company will obtain a substantial market share in emerging real estate markets. The current economic conditions have made investing in commercial multi-unit real estate extremely favorable. During the next five years, 2.3 million additional rental homes are expected to be constructed in the US. With record-breaking foreclosures in the US and millions of families seeking lower cost, transitional residences, the Company presents its multi-family housing investment plan at an opportune time. Also, Fannie Mae has committed to 0 billion dollars for multi-family lending, making multi-family properties the number one commercial loan product. The Company will target individuals ages 18 to 34 with income of ,000 and less. More than 22% of Americans are ages 18 to 34 with per capita income of ,916. The Company will operate in the .3 billion Apartment Building Operators industry in which average businesses earn .0 million annually. The Company utilizes sophisticated software and analysis concepts to identify and evaluate suitable markets. Once a market analysis is completed and an emerging market is identified, the Company will initiate its marketing plan – which includes internet advertising, print media ads, banner advertising, and flyers – to identify potential acquisitions that will produce good cash flow and strong appreciation. The Company’s growth objective is to obtain and manage 1,000 multi-family housing units by the end of the year 2018. The Company will leverage its training, experience, and networking capabilities to reach this goal. Starting with 2019, the Company is looking to grow by 30% annually..

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